Fitness Propoganda – Surefire Ways to Make Sure You Never Meet Your Goals

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Seemingly anywhere we look these days there is some sort of ‘must’ list telling us to be sure to do certain things. This is especially true of fitness magazines and websites.

Lists can be great. I have even posted a few on this site designed to offer suggestions or certain things that come to mind when I think of process improvement or ways to make fit living easier.

The problem is that most of the lists you will find on sponsored sites are designed to sell you something.

They also lead way to the assumption that they are actually all you need to do to achieve the goal stated in the title.

For example, how many times have we read an article titled something like “6 must-do exercises for a shredded six-pack?”

Sure, those might be some great ab exercises. They are not however going to do  anything for you if you do not have a proper diet. Furthermore, isolation exercises targeted to one muscle group is ineffective when going after an aesthetic physique. It is important to focus on your entire body when building muscle, especially when your goal is a six-pack. Abdominal muscles are tied to almost every other muscle group in your body. In order to have a ripped core, you need to have lean muscle mass throughout your body and a low body fat percentage.

The point is – articles such as that can be beneficial as a way to gain nuggets of information to supplement a holistic fit lifestyle. Read them, maybe you will find a new exercise or variation that makes sense to add to your workout. Just don’t take them as the be all and end all of what you need to do. The title is a lie. It should really read more like “Here are 6 exercises for your abs, you probably know most of them – but maybe there is a new one in here somewhere that might aid in strengthening your core.”

This is one example. These articles are everywhere, and you know it.  Don’t be fooled into thinking there is a shortcut, or that anyone anywhere has really gotten anything worth having to a list of 10 easy steps.

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Get Your Dream Body by Summer

summer, abs, weight loss, six pack, dream bodyIf you want to reach your dream body by summer, we need to have a chat right now.

So, today is March 12th. I don’t know if you have noticed.. but outside my window at least the snow is beginning to melt. If you are like me, your mind is already counting down the days until you can hit the beach or enjoy any number of those awesome summer activities that comes with warm weather.

Let me tell you something, beach season started TWO MONTHS AGO – or more.

If you are behind, do not fret. To be honest, the guy writing this post isn’t as diced as he had planned on being this time of year either. Chalk it up to the worst Midwestern Winter on record.

Here are some tips on how to get where you want to be by summer:

1) Stop eating shitty food – Simple enough, but this is going to make it or break it for you.

2) Consider tracking your MACROS – It might seem hard, but it is really easy. It is also the best way to make sure that you are making the most of the limited time you have until you put your swim suit on.

3) Get a workout program, and hit that shit hard – I recommend Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred. It is a full 6 week workout you can repeat, and it is free. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.

4) Hang out without a shirt on – Nothing will motivate you more than lounging around your house without a shirt on.

5) Follow some Fitso accounts on twitter or Instagram – If you aren’t following our spokesmodel/writer @taylorwyattfit get on that! Otherwise, just search the fitspo hashtag and see what you find!


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Monday Workout Motivation

taylorwyattfit, taylor wyatt, weight loss, fitness, abs, fitness model, fitspoFor some reason I really dig working out particularly hard on Mondays. Touted as “International Chest Day,” I actually rarely work out chest, but instead pursue a goal of kicking the week off to a good start. When I get to the office on Monday, I like to get focused and make sure that my ducks are in a row so I can assure that I will have a strong week. I do the same when I get to the gym Monday night.

What I am saying is: Monday’s are like breakfast. It is the most important day of the week, but often overlooked for more glamorous days like a hardcore Saturday afternoon session. I suggest making it a goal moving forward to train particularly hard on Mondays and keep that vibe going throughout the week.


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How it Feels to Get Back in the Workout Routine – Good and Bad

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Getting back to the gym after a period of time off can be a difficult thing. Tay has not been able to work out for two months due to a muscle tear. Dave has been hitting the gym every day but more on a maintenance regimen than a serious gaining program.

There are two things running through your head: 1) Dang it is good to be back and 2) Dang I have lost a lot of the results I had previously made.

This is the struggle that many people face all the time. As I have mentioned in previous articles, even missing a few days can bring these feelings to light. The fact is, if you never start or get back to it you are only going to fall farther away from your goals. Instead of focusing on the time away from the gym or your lost results, focus on gaining them back and not letting it happen again.

If you have been training hard this whole time, good for you. If not, or if you just found this post and are thinking about starting a weight training regimen: Lets get to work.

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Back in Action

abs, taylorwyattfit, taylor wyatt, sexy

First off, sorry for the lack of posts lately. Chalk it up to lifes changes..

Tay had been out of commission due to a prolonged muscle injury and it was not safe to train.

David had been continuing to work hard at the gym but went through a major career change and could not make the blog his top priority.

That being said, we are back and better than ever. Keep a lookout for tons of new material, and thank you so much to everyone who has been following us throughout this busy time!

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Workout 12.4.13 Chest and Triceps

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Do 3 sets of each exercise, 9-11 reps. Again, you should choose a weight which makes it very difficult to finish the rep range, but attainable. You should finish just before exhaustion on each set.


Bench Press

Incline Cable Fly

Cable Press

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Overhead Tricep Push-Down

Tricep Push-Down with Rope


Optional Ab Workout

Oblique crunches, lying (25-30)

Heavy Weight Decline Sit-Ups (10-15)

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Workout 12.2.13 Shoulders and Legs

abs, taylorwyattfit, taylor wyatt, sexy

Hey FitorDie fam, here is todays daily workout which you can do along with David and Taylor. We do our best to make sure that this is one of the best  workouts available online for both men and women. Jump on board with us and the rest of the community, and get your ass kicked harder than any fitness magazine. It is designed to build muscle or tone up while blasting fat and keeping you lean. Trust me!

Looking for earlier workouts? Find them at the Workouts Page.

Do each exercise for 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Again you should be struggling to finish the rep range, but it should be attainable.

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Barbell Shoulder Press

Front Cable Raise

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise




Seated Calf Raises

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises

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If you find this useful, please SHARE it with anyone you think might benefit from our blog. We need your help in order to continue running this website free of charge.

taylorwyattfit fitordie abs black and white, subscription, weight loss, fitness

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